Loan Approval Process

We can usually provide you with conditional loan approval (subject to verification and documentation) within 48 hours of receiving your completed loan application, including the required supporting documents.

Conditional loan approval will generally be provided in 24-48 hours.
You may accept the conditional loan approval and pay the application fee.
Loan documents can usually be provided within 7 days of conditional loan approval and confirmation of your property valuation.
If you are a foreign resident, loan documents and Verification of Identity documents need to be certified by an Australian Lawyer or the Australian Embassy. Mainland China residents can visit one of our preferred Legal firms.
Once all documents are provided and your Australian bank account opened, settlement can usually be arranged within 7 days of receiving original documents.

Loan Repayments

Loan repayments need to be made by direct debit from an Australian bank account.

Can I make extra repayments?

Yes. You can make additional principal reduction at any time on a variable interest rate loan.

Are there any fees if I repay my loan early?

There is no additional fee for early repayments on a variable loan other than the standard discharge fees disclosed in the Loan Offer.